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Tree of Codes

August 25, 2011

Katie was just like “I can’t wait to read the e-book version of Tree of Codes,” which makes an interesting point- maybe the physicality of that thing, the fragility of the pages and the effort you have to put into reading it, is in dialogue with the alleged prevalence of e-books/e-book readers around now. Ultimately though it doesn’t make me feel excited to read it.


Tree of Codes

August 17, 2011

I thought of a mean-spirited simile to describe Tree of Codes while I was walking home from work: Tree of Codes is like scene hair. Theoretically, it’s cool, and very pretty, and intricate, and worthwhile, but in practice, up close, it’s kind of gross, and way more work than it’s worth, and not as cool as its Platonic ideal, and once you interact with it a little you feel kind of sad whenever you think about it.