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June 17, 2011

Fuck this book. Ew. I was so stoked when I read Joe Hill’s other book, Heart-Shaped Box- a horror novel with women in it that had a sweet monster and ghost cars, that was pretty cool. But this thing? It’s like he’s got a list of devil cliches and is just putting them all into the book, one after another, once he’s worn out the novelty of having people say a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise hard-to-slog-through monologues. By page 300 the main character was blaspheming against the proscription in Deuteronomy against cross-dressing- a devil in a blue dress, ULTIMATE LULZ- and we’d spent forty or fifty pages listening to a different dude’s thought process as he sexualizes everything the woman he’s going to sexually assault and then murder does, for her whole life starting at age ten. I mean, that’s not fun, or edgy. I skimmed the last hundred pages I read before I gave up on this thing. I was like, ‘why the fuck would I read this?’ There are no female characters with any kind of interiority to offset the constant revisitation of the “sex murder,” all the male characters are jerks, and in order for this to be interesting at all, you have to at least give a shit about modern cultural Christian morality, which is something I can barely even suspend any disbelief about.

I mean Joe Hill can write and it’s sorta compelling and I was only skimming for that long because I wanted to know why the fuck the guy turned into a devil, but I’m sure that information is up on goodreads or an amazon review or something. (ETA: wikipedia) But yeah gross. Hey rape culture tag. Sucks that you’re back.