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God Jr

August 21, 2011

I think I should re-read God Jr. When I first read it, I was still mostly infatuated with Dennis Cooper for the more obvious reasons his writing gets praised- the salacious stuff- and I was like “this is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read,” because I had been reading his straightforward sentences as simple conveyances for the violent shit he was writing about, and God Jr doesn’t really have any gay or violent shit in it, except for the one central death (if I recall correctly). But I’ve sat with his work for a while now and my appreciation of it has matured into more of a sense of excitement about the way he portrays the embodiment of shell-shocked and vapid as an honestly legitimate reaction to violent marginalization and/or poisonous culture. I mean, I’m still stoked to read him explore predatory/coercive relationships and disfigurement as erotic, but it’s like… come for the predatory/coercive relationships and violent murder as erotic, stay for the portrayal of shell-shocked and vapid as legitimate response to poisonous culture.

Sucks that my copy either got left somewhere, sold, or packed into the fencing bag I left at the home of the parents of somebody I think I had a friend breakup with. Le sigh/le shrug.