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Scenes From an Impending Marriage

March 20, 2011

Adrian Tomine has a new book! It’s tiny and more explicitly autobiographical than most of the other stuff I’ve read from him, which has tended to be hiding at least a little bit behind the possibility that the Japanese-American man doing the embarrassing things in the story is not Adrian Tomine in real life. This one is pretty much, y’know, it’s more Adrian Tomine stories- people doing everyday things that are kind of jerky, laid bare or whatever- but it’s clearly him and his wife bickering and feeling bad (and volunteering at a soup kitchen) in preparation for their wedding. Sure! Okay, whatevs, I like Adrian Tomine, I’m happy to read fifty pages of little comics about that. One nice thing is that there’s a lot of crying where people yell WAAAH and their heads turns into little Charles Schulz Peanuts circles.

One not nice thing is that everybody always moves to Brooklyn and I’m sick of everyone always moving to Brooklyn. Adrian Tomine used to walk into Pegasus in Berkeley sometimes! I mean, maybe he still does, but in these comics he keeps being like “which subway stop are you near,” and I keep being like No, which BART stop, Adrian.