It’s So Easy

July 21, 2011

Everybody knows Axl’s serpentine slither, of course. Far fewer people know that Slash is also a world-class Russian crouch-down-and-kick-your-legs-out dancer.”

-This is actually for real from early on in Duff McKagan’s forthcoming memoir “It’s So Easy,” which is clearly marked “do not quote from publication until verified with finished book.”


7 Responses to “It’s So Easy”

  1. Kevin O'Mara Says:

    Going back to bed now as nothing else can top the weird you just delivered to me.

  2. Andreia Blue Says:

    You’re in trouble!

  3. mordicai Says:

    Did you seriously start another blog & I missed it? WTF.

  4. andy seven Says:

    I guess Duff’s competing with Steven Adler in the brainless rock bio sweepstakes. Some awful reading awaits.

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