March 20, 2011

I wrote this review of Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun on Goodreads a year or two ago where I was like “why do we all hate Dave Eggers? This was pretty good and he’s using his popularity for good, instead of evil. We hipster dickbags need to stop eating our own,” (and then I made some jokes about how U2 sucks, which is true) which people keep liking and commenting on and appreciating and stuff. But the thing is, a little while after I published that review, Eggers published a book of art that he did that seriously plagiarized my friend Ketch Wehr’s work, and now I’m like “oh yeah, THAT’S why we hipsters all hate each other, it’s ’cause we’re all despicable selfish assholes fronting like we’re not. Especially Dave Eggers.”


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