The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

March 20, 2011

Look I never read the Millenium Trilogy novels, just ’cause I never really had much interest, but I’m out of medication and feeling pretty messed up today so I just watched the first movie. And predictably I hated it! It was like Hostel- or, what I remember of Hostel- except instead of generalized misanthropy, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was, like, laser-focused, sensationalized, sexualized violence against women. I mean, other things happened, but every few minutes you could count on a photograph of a dismembered dead woman to float across the screen, or someone to be raped, or someone to rape back, or for someone or something to take the heroine- who thinks she’s so tough- down a peg. Like, I get that the plot was something about how it’s bad when misogynists murder women, but if that’s the content, I sure didn’t get ‘violently murdered and dismembered or humiliated women are something we shouldn’t be excited about’ from the form. I don’t usually care at all about what our popular culture says about us as a society- I like some stupid, vapid pop culture- but jesus christ, everyone, I’m ashamed for you. UGH.

I’m going to make a frozen pizza and then watch the Girl who Played with Fire.


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